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mélanges 2019



【11/30 - 12/8 鎌倉】



今、本は南伊豆にあり、多くは箱の中で眠っている状態です。 私たちはこの本たちを世に出し、再び楽しんでいただける読み手を見つけたく、何か鎌倉でできることを探しています。

The books are taken from a collection from France, Japan, and the US (over 9,000 volumes.)
They are currently in South Izu, most of them resting in boxes. We would like the books in the hands of new readers, and are looking for a way to do this in Kamakura. If you are interested, have any ideas or suggestions, would like to visit us in Izu, or simply an inquiry, please contact us.